We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting products to add to our online stores. If you are a product manufacturer, if you represent a product manufacturer or if you’re an authorized distributor of a particular product, and you would like to include your product in our catalog, then we’d love to hear from you.

Below the application form is a brief overview of what we’re after. More detailed information will be provided to you once your application has been reviewed. Please ensure that your contact details, particularly your email address is correct. If you don’t hear back from us within 24 hours then you should assume that we never received your application or the contact details you provided were incorrect or unavailable to us. Please consider sending another application or contacting us directly.

  • About You

  • About the Product

  • About the Problem

  • To speed things up, please include as much detail as possible. Describe the actual problem as well as how it was discovered.
  • About the Solution

    Note: the final solution will not necessarily be the solution you have chosen, but we will take this into consideration when making our decision - once we have all the facts.
  • Please add anything else we should know about the problem or solution

Product Categories

Due to the nature of our business, we generally only consider products that fit into the following categories. If your product does not fit into these categories, but is unique and adds value then get in touch anyways. We have an extensive network of business contacts and could point you in the right direction.

  • Audio Surveillance
  • Video Surveillance
  • Location Tracking
  • Surveillance Platforms
  • Forensic Equipment
  • Forensic Tools
  • Forensic Software
  • Investigative Software
  • Investigative Tools
  • Counter-Surveillance
  • Anti-Surveillance
  • Anti-Forensics
  • Privacy Protection
  • Home Security
  • Office Security
  • Personal Protection
  • Safety
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Computer Security
  • Mobile Security
  • Information Security
  • Monitoring Software
  • Tracking Software
  • Monitoring Software


Provided your product meets our quality standards and your after-sales service is of a high standard (in terms of quality and availability) then we’re quite happy to feature your product on our online store at no cost to you. You will not be charged any once-off or recurring fee to have your product included. If you require us to handle product support (including technical support and installation assistance) then we would negotiate either a discounted cost price (which we would then mark up to cover costs) or an appropriate fee. Our intention is simply to be able to provide our customers with the widest range of high quality products in the fields of surveillance, security, investigations and forensics.

Demo Products and/or Trial Versions

At the very least, we require a full demonstration of your product in order for us to understand its purpose, capabilities, limitations and other characteristics as well as to be able to explain how it works, what it does, how to install or use it, and how to troubleshoot common issues. If you have a demo product or trial version for us to use to demonstrate to interested buyers then great, send it along. If not, no sweat, as long as we can confidently tell our customers that your product works as advertised then we’re happy to sell it after a thorough demonstration and basic training from you or your representative.

Product Requirements


All products, regardless of type, must include all accessories required to use that product unless the product is designed to work in conjunction with another product without any further purchases being necessary. In other words, your product must add immediate value to the customer without needing any additional interfaces, connections or devices that aren’t either included with your product or will definitely be available to the customer as part of another existing product.

Power and Batteries

If applicable, your product must include a power plug, adaptor or source that will enable a customer to make immediate use of your product. In the case of rechargeable batteries a suitable charger must be included. All mains-powered devices must be configured for 220-240V AC ~15A South African domestic electricity supply. Devices powered by a vehicle’s battery must run on 12V DC, and any products requiring a USB power source should 5V-12V DC.

Instruction Manuals

All necessary instructions and guides should be included in English in one of two formats: printed or electronic (either on included optical media (CD/DVD or memory card). Downloadable software may be accompanied by a downloadable instruction manual in HTML, text or PDF format. Alternative document formats may also be included as long as a version is available in either of the three formats first mentioned. Please take care to ensure that your product documentation is accurate and simple to follow. We urge you to include basic troubleshooting advice and/or online or other resources that a customer might find useful if a problem arises.

Product Images and Descriptions

For inclusion in our online store we require at least the following:

  • Product Name (max 30 characters)
  • Short Description (max 3 sentences introducing the major benefits of the product
  • Long Description (containing all relevant information, product specs, features, etc)
  • Featured Image (Square image of minimum 600x600px in jpg, jpeg or png format)
  • Gallery Images (up to 10 additional images – same format and dimensions as above)

Although entirely optional, we’d also welcome the following resources:

  • Videos (in mp4, webm or ogv format)
  • Documents (in pdf, doc, docx, text, rtf formats)
  • Presentations (in ppt or pptx format)
  • Software (for example, a trial version)

For more information please call Angela Johnson or Jason Atherton on 0861262275 (Mon – Fri, 9am – 4pm, SAST).