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The original cell phone spy software.  Used by more than 1 Million customers over the past 8 years.

CellSpy for Apple devices is the most powerful, feature-packed and stealthy smartphone monitoring spyware available for iPhones and iPads. It allows the remote capture of messages and chats, the recording of audio conversations, the logging of calls, photos, videos, web activity, contacts, calendar entries, the tracking of location and movements using GPS and cell phone towers, and much more. Guaranteed for one year and with a free 3 day demo available, choosing CellSpy should be a no-brainer.


CellSpy is hidden spy software that is used to remotely track smartphones and monitor smartphone users. Although it was designed as a child monitoring solution for safety-conscious parents, CellSpy is perfectly suited for a wide range of uses, including staff monitoring, business counter-espionage, data retention and regulatory compliance, information security, device anti-theft and recovery, intelligence gathering and law enforcement.

Whatever the purpose, CellSpy will enable you to keep tabs on calls, text messages, emails, chats, social media, internet activity, location, movements, photos, videos, contacts, appointments, reminders and more. It captures instant messages sent or received using popular messaging services like WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype, Viber, VK Chat and others, and it covers the major social networking channels like Facebook and Twitter too.

Try the Free Demo.

The only way to truly appreciate CellSpy’s awesome features is to experience them for yourself. You’re welcome to test CellSpy out for 2 days by downloading the limited demo version for Android and Apple devices from the CellSpy demo page

Lifetime Guarantee.

No it isn’t a typo. CellSpy is covered by the longest guarantee in the world (in the spyware industry, that is)… a lifetime guarantee. That is how confident we are that CellSpy performs as advertised and that you’ll be entirely satisfied with it.

Remote Installation

Sit back and relax while our technicians remotely connect to the target phone using Team Viewer and install CellSpy. We’ll set it up exactly the way you want it and can tweak the phone for optimum performance.

So, how does it work?

CellSpy is software. It isn’t a device or gadget and it cannot be seen. You will install CellSpy onto the phone that you want to monitor. We call that phone the “target phone”. Nothing needs to be installed on your phone or computer and everything is done via the Internet. Once installed, CellSpy is invisible to the user and it works silently in the background, capturing their messages, chats and emails, monitoring their voice calls, tracking their location and more.

All that information is then sent over the air to a secure web server (the “cloud”) where it is encrypted and stored. You can access that information from anywhere in the world using a cell phone, computer, laptop, tablet – even a smart TV – as long as it has internet access.

From your web “control panel” you can listen to recorded calls, read messages, chats and emails, access phone and user data, view photos and videos, track the location and movements of the phone and remotely control the target phone.

How do I install CellSpy?

Installing CellSpy isn’t rocket science and you don’t need any special skills, knowledge or equipment. All you need to be able to do is follow a set of step by step instructions, and use some common sense. If you have any difficulty or issues then help is no more than a call, SMS, email or website visit away. CellSpy also includes trouble-shooting guides, instructional videos and other how-to resources to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Check out this video that explains the installation process:

Key features at a glance

listen to calls

Listen to Conversations

CellSpy is the industry leader in the recording of phone conversations (voice calls) and can offer two-sided call recording on most phone types. With call recording you don’t need to be available to listen to a conversation while it is taking place as every recorded call is uploaded to your secure web-based control panel and is available for you to listen to at your convenience (using your computer, tablet or mobile phone). Uncover the truth about what is being discussed.


Read Messages and Chats

CellSpy will monitor text messages, Gmail emails, Whatsapp chats, Skype chats, Viber chats, Facebook Messenger chats and more. You will not only know who the person is chatting to, but you will see the whole conversation – both sides of the conversation – even if the chat messages are deleted by the target user immediately after sending or receiving a message. All chat conversations can be viewed online using your free web-based control panel.

remote surveillance

Remote Covert Surveillance

Unique to CellSpy are a number of extra surveillance features, including a function that lets you record audio from the microphone immediately after voice calls (so you can hear the target’s reactions to each call), the ability to remotely activate the target phone’s camera and microphone so that you can capture discreet video footage, snapshots or recordings of activities taking place in the vicinity. You can even listen in live to conversations taking place nearby. The availability of these features is target phone dependent.


GPS Tracking and Geofencing

Being able to track the current location and historical movements of a cell phone is very important. Not only will CellSpy allow you to see where the target phone currently is, but you are able to view the target phone’s movements and route travelled on a Google Map via your web-based control panel. CellSpy also allows you to set up “safe” or “no go” areas and will alert you via SMS or email if the target person travels to or from one of your designated areas.

global monitoring

Truly Global Monitoring System

CellSpy uses a cloud-based monitoring platform. What does this mean? Simply that you can be anywhere in the world and still monitor the target phone – provided you can access the Internet. It also means that the target phone can be anywhere in the world as long as it can connect to a mobile network. If the target person changes their SIM card you will receive an SMS notification and will automatically be able to continue monitoring the new SIM card as normal.

remote surveillance

Invisibility and Stealth

One of the most important features of any spy software is its ability not be discovered, otherwise what is the point, right? CellSpy is designed to be undetectable. There are no icons, screens or any other visible or audible signs that the software is installed or running. Once properly installed, CellSpy is totally hidden from view and cannot be identified by anyone but ourselves. You can have peace of mind that your monitoring activities will remain your secret.

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CellSpy’s Capabilities

Check compatibility at www.intertel.co.za/cellspy/compatibility

Call Recording

Automatically records incoming and outgoing voice calls and secretly uploads the audio recordings to your secure web account. You can listen to both sides of phone conversations at your convenience (using your computer or phone). Each recording displays the other party’s telephone number as well as the date, time and duration of the call.

After Call Recording

Ever wondered what a person says or does after you speak to them on the phone? Now you will know. CellSpy can automatically activate the microphone on the target phone to record surrounding audio and background conversations after calls. You can select specific telephone numbers to target and as with recorded voice calls, you can listen to them at your leisure on your computer or mobile.

Spy Call

Turn the target phone into a room bug simply by dialling into it from a telephone number of your choice. The target phone will remain in standby mode and silently answer your call – without ringing, logging the call or alerting the user. You will be able to hear background conversations and ambient audio within earshot of the target phone. You can even record Spy Call sessions so that you have a record of what you hear.

Background Recording

Instead of dialling the target phone as with Spy Call, the Background Recording feature allows you to remotely activate the microphone on the target phone and automatically record audio (this can be done via SMS command, from your web control panel, or by setting up an interval, duration or scheduled recording). Recordings are uploaded to your web account and can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Remote Video

Remotely trigger the target phone’s active camera and capture video without the user’s knowledge. Useful as a nanny-cam and also a valuable tool to verify if the user is where they claim to be. Recorded video is uploaded to your web account and can be viewed directly through your web browser or downloaded to your computer for viewing on any multimedia device. Video can also be geotagged so you know where it was captured.

Remote Photos

As with video recording, the target phone can be set to capture images from the active camera on demand (by sending hidden SMS commands to the target phone or directly from your web control panel) or you can set the target phone to take a snapshot at any interval of your choosing (e.g. a photo every 15 minutes or once a day at 3pm). Photos are sent to your web account and can be viewed on your mobile phone or computer.

View User Photos

CellSpy allows you to access and view any photographs that the user captures with the target phone’s camera. This feature is useful for parents that have concerns about a child taking inappropriate pictures of him/herself and it has also proved valuable to business customers that have experienced the theft of proprietary data and trade secrets by employees using cell phones to copy and transmit documents to competitors.

View User Video

As with photographs, CellSpy enables you to monitor and play videos that the target user has taken with the target phone. On some phone models this will include video viewed over the internet (if it is temporarily stored in the phone’s internet cache) and video that has been received by the target user and saved on the SD card or phone’s internal memory. You can watch captured videos on your phone or computer.

View Shared Images

It is particularly useful to know what images a person is sharing with others. Whether you have concerns about your child sharing inappropriate images of themselves or of others or if you’re worried that an employee is leaking confidential or proprietary information to a competitor then this is where you’ll find great value – especially when coupled with the monitoring of photos and video taken by the user. The proof will be irrefutable.

Monitor Social Media

Social media is where it is all happening nowadays. CellSpy in continuously adding coverage of social networking apps for the various phone models it can monitor. Facebook is probably still the most popular of social networking sites and you will even be able to see the intimate private chats that take place between the target user and others with the Facebook Messenger app.

Read WhatsApp Chats

Whatsapp is one of the most popular cross-platform messaging applications around, and CellSpy is able to provide you with access to the complete conversation (both sides) of Whatsapp chats sent and received on the target phone as well as who the other person is. Chats are sent to your web control panel and stored there for you to view at your leisure.

Read Skype/Viber Chats

Skype and Viber are two incredibly popular applications used on smartphones both for VoIP telephone calls and for instant messaging. You can access conversations taking place over these popular platforms and will see the complete text of instant messages. As with Whatsapp, the data is uploaded to your web control panel and is accessible at any time and from anywhere.

Read Facebook Chats

Facebook should need no introduction – it is the single most popular social networking application in existence, and in use by over a billion people. On Android devices one can monitor Facebook Messenger chat conversations

Read Emails (including Gmail)

Email is still a very popular communication method and having access to sent and received emails will enable you to keep abreast of issues and plans that otherwise may not be discoverable. Since Android and Gmail are both owned by Google, having access to the target phone’s Gmail account will give you extraordinary access to the goings on of that device.

Read SMS Messages

Still a favourite communication method, having access to SMS or text messaging is vital in any monitoring effort. You will be able to read both sent and received SMS messages – even if those messages are deleted by the user immediately after sending or reading a received message. Know who the message came from or was sent to, and read the entire text of those messages.

Monitor Web Activity

The web is where its all at nowadays. Knowing what a person is up to on the web can provide vital information about their activities and intentions. See what websites are visited, how often and for how long. Identify patterns in web activity and expose hidden profiles and online personalities. Know whether the person is visiting inappropriate websites or engaging in questionable activities online.

Location on Demand

Knowing where the target phone is at any time is a very useful tool. By sending a secret SMS command to the target phone you will be able to know what its current location is. The location can be sent to your cell phone as an SMS message or can be uploaded to your web control panel so that you can plot its location on a Google Map.

Interval-Based Tracking

Interval-based tracking will provide you with constant information about the location and movement of the target phone. It will check the location of the device every few minutes or every few hours (up to you) and will plot the location on a Google Mapâ„¢ so that you can see the historical movements of the device for any time period. A new feature of Google Maps enables you to see the actual route travelled by the device – either on a street-level map or using satellite imagery.

Geofence / GPS Leash

A GPS leash or geofence enables you to draw boundaries on a map that create perimeters around the target device. If the target device crosses a perimeter line then it will immediately notify you via SMS or email. This is an ideal feature for parental control or for companies monitoring their field staff. Know when the target device strays from its correct route and know when the device enters or exits forbidden areas.

Triggered Alerts

CellSpy is set up in such a way that you are able to be notified whenever any event or activity of interest occurs. You can be notified when certain keywords are being used (e.g. forbidden or illegal activities, profanity, people s or place’s names) or when communication is occurring between people of interest (i.e. you can be notified if certain contacts or numbers call or message the target or vice versa). Also be notified when certain types of communication events occur, for example, you may be interested to know whenever John receives a Whatsapp message from Susan… with CellSpy that is no sweat.


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14 things you’ll definitely kick yourself for not asking…

Do I install CellSpy on my phone or the target phone?

CellSpy must be installed on the target phone. This means that you physically need to have the target phone in your hands for a few minutes, and also that the target phone cannot have any passwords or other access control that prevents you from using it normally. Nothing needs to be installed on your phone or on your computer.

Can CellSpy be installed remotely?

On many rooted Android devices and many jailbroken iPhone/iPad mdels we are able to offer a remote installation service but this service will not enable you to install CellSpy on a device that you do not have access to or control over. The person in possession of the phone at the time will be aware of the installation taking place.

Can I install CellSpy if there is a password lock?

Nope, sorry, if you cannot use the target phone as normal then you will not be able to install CellSpy on it. You need to be able to open the web browser, use the internet, keypad and other functions of the phone and this will not be possible with a password or keypad lock that you cannot bypass or unlock.

What does it mean to Jailbreak an Apple phone?

The jailbreak process basically unlocks an Apple device so that 3rd party software (like CellSpy) can be installed. On an unjailbroken device, apps can only be installed through the App Store which means that Apple can control what apps are installed and what are not. Jailbreaking installs an alternative “app store” called Cydia which allows any 3rd party apps to be installed.

Do I have to Jailbreak the target phone?

Yes, jailbreaking the target phone is non-negotiable. Don’t worry about the target person knowing that the phone is jailbroken – CellSpy will remove all traces of the jailbreaking once it is installed. We provide step by step instructions and offer a remote Jailbreaking service if required.

What will happen if I don’t Jailbreak the target phone?

You won’t be able to install CellSpy. Period. If Jailbreaking the phone is out of the question then perhaps you should consider one of the no-jailbreak required solutions we have. They don’t offer nearly as many features but they can certainly give you some access to the target device’s communications and data.

How do I Jailbreak an Apple phone?

The process is different for every phone model and can also vary between the same model phone that has a different iOS version installed. It will involve you installing some software on a computer and then connecting the phone to that computer with a USB cable or copying software onto the phone’s SD card and then running that software. Its not rocket science, but it can be frightening for a technophobe I guess.

Will you help me Jailbreak the target phone?

We provide step by step instructions with your installation guide (if you let us know the specs of the phone beforehand) which should be adequate even for a beginner to follow, but if you’re wanting to get it done remotely for you (we recommend this option if you’re pressed for time) then you can schedule a remote session at http://intertel.me/remote. There is an additional cost for this service.

How long will the installation take me?

How long is a piece of string? It depends. If you’re hopelessly clueless with cellphones in general then its going to take you longer than if you’re a wizz kid. On average, the installation should take around 5 minutes, although it can be done in less than half that time. The current record is 59 seconds and this was captured on video and is available on our Youtube channel here: Installing CellSpy in Record Time.

What do I need to have for the installation?

You need the target phone, a SIM card that has some airtime or a data-plan (it can be any SIM card – not necessarily the target user’s SIM card), the installation instructions that we send you and your common sense. That’s it. Remember that we are available to assist you if you need it, so please ask for help and don’t guess your way through the installation if you’re not sure.

Is CellSpy installed on the SIM card or phone?

CellSpy is installed on the handset itself, not on the SIM card. This means that the software will be monitoring the target phone and everything that is done with that phone – regardless of what SIM cards are used or what network the handset is connected to. CellSpy is hidden and no icons or other obvious signs of CellSpy can be found anywhere.

What happens if the person changes SIM cards?

Since CellSpy is installed on the phone itself, it will continue to monitor that phone if SIM cards are changed. You will receive an SMS notifying you that the SIM card has been changed (if you enable the SIM change notification feature) and as long as the SIM card has airtime or a data-plan and signal, it will report as normal – or if not, it will report once another SIM card that does have airtime or a data-plan is inserted.

What happens if the person changes phones?

Then you’re temporarily screwed. The software will be monitoring the old phone and nothing will have been installed on the new phone. You are able to reuse the software on the new phone provided you remove it from the old phone and obviously as long as the new phone is also compatible with CellSpy.

Where can I get help if I need it?

If you need help with installing or using CellSpy then we’re no further than a phone call, email, live chat, support ticket or visit away. Our live chat support is available 24/7 and is the preferred support channel since our consultants are able to walk you through any issue step by step.

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License Period

1 Month, 1 Year, 3 Months, Unlimited, 2 Years, 6 Months

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    I’m so much happier now that I can see all the messages going in and out. This product is amazing. I just want to know what will happen if the user changes their SIM card? Can it still work or will it stop until they put their original SIM card back in the phone?

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