5 x Door Sensors for GSM/Wireless Alarm System


5 x door open/close sensors for Wireless/GSM alarm system

The door open/close sensor will trigger an alert on the Wireless/GSM alarm system to let you know when a door (or suitable window, drawer or other opening) has been breached.

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The door sensor alerts the GSM/Wireless Alarm System when a door (or suitable window, drawer or object) is opened. It consists of a magnetic reed switch and magnet which are fixed on the door and door frame. While the magnet is in proximity to the reed switch the sensor knows that the door is closed. When the door opens, the magnet and reed switch are no longer in proximity and the sensor triggers the alarm.

wireless gsm alarm door sensor


The main transmitter box should be fitted to the door frame. The magnet should be fixed to the door or part of the window that actually opens. It is advisable to have the LED of the transmitter box nearest to the magnet. The distance between the transmitter box and the magnet should be no more than 1cm. If all is OK then the Signal LED will flash for 1 second after installation. If the sensor is placed quite some distance from the GSM/Wireless alarm system then it is advisable to pull the antenna out all the way so that a clear signal is received by the alarm system when the door sensor triggers an alert.


  • – Distance Triggered: <1.5cm
  • – Working voltage: 12V
  • – Working current: ≤ 10mA
  • – Static current: ≤ 5μ A
  • – Working frequency: 433.92 MHz± 2KHz/315 MHz
  • – Emitting frequency: >10mw
  • – Frequency tolerance: ± 0.2MHz
  • – Transmitting distance:noninterference ≥200m ; indoor about 30~50m
  • – Power: standby :0.01W, Alarm :0.09W
  • – Size: Transmitter part: 90 mm(L)×55 mm(W)×22 mm(H)
  • – Size: Magnetic part: 60mm(L)×15 mm(W)×13 mm(H)