GSM/Wireless Alarm System


Wireless home alarm system with GSM capabilities

The GSM alarm system can send you text messages, dial you or the emergency services and can even be armed and disarmed remotely via voice prompt. Connect up to 99 wireless sensors (not included) for complete peace of mind.

Main Features

  • – GSM quad-band(850/900/1800/1900MHz) voice prompt and SMS alarm
  • – up to 8 wireless remote controllers and 100 wireless defense zones
  • – Blue backlighting graphic for clear information display
  • – Touch keypad,super bright backlight screen with friction resistant and scratch resistant design
  • – 6 groups of alarm phone numbers, 2 groups of SMS numbers and 1 alarm receiving center
  • – Built-in perpetual digital clock and calendar; memory protection even when electricity is cut off
  • – Voice prompt for operation guidance; artificial prompt, clear record playback
  • – Wired siren in standard kit, wireless loud sound and light siren can be added
  • – Arm/disarm delay, remote control to arm and disarm by remote controller, key and mobile phone
  • – All zones can be programmed for immediate, delayed, 24-hour and bypass alarm modes
  • – Alarm call voice prompt: zone number, alarm type
  • – Alarm type includes SOS alarm, fire alarm, gas leak, door alarm, hall alarm, window alarm, balcony alarm, and perimeter alarm
  • – Intelligent learning code: convenient and simple to add detectors
  • – Strong password recovery function: whether the alarm panel is in arm or disarm the lost password can be recovered
  • – Automatic alarm panel memory for arm and disarm, which enables the alarm panel to automatically return to status after power outages
  • – Event Log Query: alarm panel automatically records all arm, disarm and alarm events
  • – Built-in loud speaker for listen-in and two-way intercom
  • – Remote control by phone call, including arm, disarm and on-site monitoring
  • – SMS prompt for power off and recovery
  • – Alarm panel is equipped with built-in AAA NI-HM rechargeable battery
  • – Compatible with internationally accepted protocols for alarm receiving centers and Ademco Contact ID alarm communication protocol.
gsm alarm schematic

Stable and Realiable Alarm System

You can arm/disarm the alarm panel via phone, SMS, remote control or the arm/disarm button on the alarm panel. If you frequently travel or want to make certain that your home is secure while you are away, this system is an ideal choose for you.

Get notifications wherever you are

The alarm panel will autodial or send a text message (SMS) to your preset phone number when any sensor is triggered (and the siren will sound at the same time). Optional wireless devices can be added to provide control over other functions including wireless smoke sensors, wireless gas leak sensors, wireless signal repeaters, emergency keys and more.

Two-Way SOS communication

Advanced Two-Way SOS communication allows you to program emergency contact numbers (e.g. family members, medical emergency, police) for instant dialing in an emergency. Press the SOS and the alarm panel will auto dial the preset SOS number. When the call is connected, the alarm will act like a speakerphone which is ideal for seniors and anyone that might be injured. The alarm remote control also has a panic button that can trigger an emergency notification

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The alarm system is easily customized by adding the sensors and accessories you need. Sensors are wireless and can be used to detect motion, body heat, sound, vibration, water leakage, smoke, fire, gas, temperature, breaking glass, open doors and windows. A few examples are below.

Wireless Sensors

Wireless door and passive infra-red PIR motion sensors allow the alarm panel to know when a window or door is opened without authorization or when the motion sensor detects movement. An automated SMS text message will be sent to your cell phone if your door is opened and you can have the siren trigger at the same time. Not included.

Wireless Flash Siren

This 120db audio siren and with built-in LED flash light will let eveyone know that your system has been triggered. It is both mains powered and has a built-in rechargeable backup battery in case the mains power is off. Not included.

Wireless Smoke Alarm

With superior smoke detection sensitivity levels, this wireless smoke alarm sensor provides early warning of a developing fire. It will alert you by SMS and telephone call. A smart anti-collision algorithm prevents signal jamming by simultaneous transmissions from multiple devices, it is designed for a wide range of home, residential and commercial applications. Not included.


Alarm System (Panel)

  • Input Voltage: 12V DC/1A
  • Standby Current: <55mA
  • Alarming Current: <450mA
  • Wireless Frequency: 433MHz [2262/4.7ohm]
  • GSM Frequency: 900/1800/850/1900MHz
  • Sensors: Supports 99 sensors
  • Remote Controls: Supports 8 remote controls
  • Wired Sensors: Supports 7 wired sensors
  • Back-up Battery: NI-HI AAA*6 7.2V DC
h4>Remote Control
  • Transmission Current: <= 15mA
  • Static Current: 0
  • Wireless Frequency: 433MHz +/-0.5MHz
  • Emission Speed: T<=1s
  • Emission Distance: 30m
  • Temperature Range: -40deg C ~ +50deg C
  • Humidity Range: <= 90% RH
  • Battery Life: +/- 12 Months