iCloud Spy


Monitor an Apple device without installing anything onto it.

Monitoring Non-Jailbroken iOS Devices is possible with the iCloud Spy as long as you know the iCloud login details of the target user.

The iCloud Spy lets you monitor an iPhone or iPad without needing access to it (that means no software needs to be installed on the target phone and also that the target phone does not need to be jailbroken). If you know the iCloud login details of the target user then you’ll be able to monitor around a dozen activities from the target phone, including WhatsApp, SMS, calls, web and social media activity, Skype and LINE chats and more.

  • No physical access required
  • No software needs to be installed
  • No jailbreak is required
  • Works on all networks
  • Compatible with all iOS versions
  • Works for all Apple models
  • Data is accessed via your web browser


Access the address book and contacts

Keep track of the target device’s address book and the target user’s phonebook contacts.

  • View all names and numbers stored in the address book
  • Browse all contact details, such as business/home addresses, emails, business titles and more
  • Access phonebook contacts and corresponding details
Call Logs
View all sent, received and missed calls

You’re provided with a chronological log of all incoming, outgoing and missed calls to and from the target phone.

  • The time a call is placed or received
  • The call direction and call duration
  • The number of calls made to or from that number
  • The name or number of any caller (provided it is saved in the device’s address book)
Text Messages
Read sent and received text messages

Access and view any text messages sent from or received by the target device – including the content.

  • The content of each text message
  • The direction (incoming or outgoing) of each message
  • Sender/Recipient of the text message
  • The date and the time of the text message
Browser History
View all web and social media activity

Enables you to track and store all activity taking place in the monitored device’s web browser

  • View web address logs
  • Check date and time stamps to see when sites were visited
  • Analyze all browsing history data directly from your Control Panel
Events & Notes
Review all notes and memos made

Track all calendar activity and view calendar data, notes and events via the web control panel.

  • Browse entries made on the target device’s calendar
  • See scheduled meetings and access meeting details
  • Access tasks created and logged as well as task activity
  • Read notes and memos entered into the calendar app
Monitor Skype Activity on the device

Allows you to monitor popular communication apps like Skype that offer VoIP calls and chats.

  • Track Skype calls
  • Read Skype chats
  • Access the information directly from your Control Panel
Monitor the target user’s WhatsApp activity

You’re able to monitor and track all WhatsApp messages and conversations.

  • Track all WhatsApp chats
  • Access tracked data information directly from your Control Panel
Monitor all LINE messages sent or received

View all chat messages and their contents exchanged via the LINE app on the target device.

  • Name/phone number of the account the target user exchanges messages with
  • Incoming/outcoming messages of the addresser/addressee
  • The exact time when the message was sent/received
  • Track Hidden chats in LINE app as well
Wi-Fi Networks
Monitor the Wi-Fi networks the phone connects to

Get device coordinates by gathering information about each Wi-Fi hotspot the target phone connects to. Manage all wireless connections remotely from your secure Control Panel.

  • Identify the name of the Wi-Fi access point the device is connected to
  • Track down the location of a wireless access point
  • Find out what type of connection it is (“Public”, “WPA”, “WPA2”, “WPA-PSK”, etc)
  • Find out when the connection with Wi-Fi AP was established / disabled
  • Remotely prevent users from establishing connections with an unsafe Wi-Fi hotspot
Installed Applications
View all installed and running applications

Know which applications your child or employee has installed on their device.

  • Monitor newly downloaded apps including: games, social networking, and more
  • Safeguard your children and employees
  • View all installed applications personalized via the Control Panel