The Micro DVR WIFI is the smallest WiFi capable digital video and audio recorder in the world.

It is perfect for use as a baby monitor, nanny cam, and ideal for covert surveillance, action sports and general videography. It boasts high quality video footage (30 FPS @ 720×480 resolution) and point-to-point video streaming to Android and iOS devices.

The Micro DVR WIFI is the tiniest WiFi capable surveillance video and audio recorder available. Captured footage is either stored locally on an internal memory card (up to 32GB), or it can be streamed live to a remote device via WiFi and the Internet. The latest point-to-point WiFi technology enables the Micro DVR WIFI to stream video live to an Android device or iPhone/iPad within 15-20m without a WiFi router required. This makes it a superb baby monitor or nanny cam, and its miniature size allows it to be concealed just about anywhere.

Major Features

  • Point-to-point streaming of video to Android or iOS smartphones
  • Transmission of video to remote device via the Internet (no range limit)
  • Max storage capacity of 32GB holds over 24 hours of footage
  • Continuous recording mode allows 24 hours of video recording
  • Super high resolution footage at 1280x720px


  • Latest point-to-point WiFi technology
  • Support FOR iOS/Android phones point-to-point monitoring
  • 24 hours continuous recording with TF card Recycle Record
  • Support up to 32GB TF card
  • Video format: AVI
  • Resolution rate: 1280×720
  • 15m~20m Receiver Range
  • Working time: about 60 minutes
  • Charging: DC 5V/1A
  • Flexible installation with clip or bracket.
  • Dimension:55mm X 28mm X 20mm