RP Hacker


Secretly and remotely install spy software on unlimited Windows-based computers.

Remotely monitor screenshots and keylogs from an unlimited number of Windows-based computers. RP allows you to remotely install the software by using the integrated Social Engineering Toolkit or Hacker modules. No coding or hacking experience is required.

RP Hacker is a powerful spyware suite that enables you to target an unlimited number of Windows-based computers using a range of techniques including social engineering, phishing and hacking. RP Hacker doesn’t require you to have any particular knowledge or skills. All modules are easy to use and intuitive. A comprehensive knowledgebase with instructional videos is also provided.

Major Features

  • Monitor unlimited Windows-based computers with one single purchase
  • Captures screenshots (see exactly what the user is seeing on screen)
  • Captures every key pressed (including function keys and special keys)
  • Provides you with username and passwords for online and offline accounts
  • You’ll see everything the user sees and everything that is typed
  • Includes Social Engineering Toolkit to convince target to open payload
  • Includes Custom Payload Generator to easily customize payloads for each target
  • Includes Hacking Website Generator to quickly set up a deployment website
  • Includes Phishing Website Generator to quickly set up a password phishing website
  • Includes Payload Emailing Module to stealthily send payloads via email
  • Each customer receives a unique application build to avoid detection if other customers are compromised
  • RP can ‘attack’ a large list of targets (Bulk emails are personalized using templates)
  • Add as many email accounts as you want and use any SMTP email service
  • Dictionary attacks on email accounts with a database of 13 000 commonly used passwords
  • Payloads comes with advanced Anti-Virus counter-measures and detection-prevention
  • Built in RTLO Spoofing support (for creating PDF payloads)
  • Works on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10
  • Website Password Phishing Attack works on all devices and operating systems

Payload Features

RP provides a number of mechanisms for deployment the spyware to a remote computer, including a Social Engineering Toolkit to create custom payloads that can be emailed or otherwise deployed to target devices or persons. The Hacking and Phishing Website generators can create a customized website in seconds that will enable you to gather passwords from the target person or deploy a payload to their computer. You can easily customize the payload and the “cover story” for each deployment so that you can maximize the success of each attempt. RP can even send the email with the payload for you.

  • Supports various attachment types, including hyperlinks, EXE, RTF, ZIP, Spoofed PDF using RTLO and more
  • Heavyweight payloads get past 80-90 % of Anti-Virus packages
  • Lightweight payloads get past 99% of Anti-Virus packages
  • Returns IP Address, Screenshots and Keystroke data
  • Payloads can be easily customized without coding knowledge
  • Stealth Document Grabber can also secretly email documents
  • Lightweight payloads bypass UAC warning message