Spy Watch (SD)


A great device for capturing covert video, audio and silent snapshots without anyone noticing.

A superbly crafted designer watch with awesome spy features: photographic image capture, HD video recording, and covert audio recording. This watch has been manufactured for use in the field, being waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. It also includes 4GB of internal storage – enough for hours of recorded video or audio. This Spy Watch is ideal for covertly recording meetings or anything else that you need to capture without being noticed.

What is it?

This spy watch looks and behaves like a regular wristwatch except it is anything but a regular wristwatch. This watch is able to record video from its hidden pinhole lens or capture still photographs at the touch of a button.

The Spy Watch also records sound so it can be used to covertly record conversations or meetings. It is both stylish and durable (being waterproof, dustproof and shockproof) and has its own internal memory for storing up to 4GB of video, audio or photos – that’s enough space for a couple of hours of recording.

With its concealed USB port you can connect the Spy Watch to a computer to view your snapshots or play your secretly captured video and audio.

What can it do?

  • Spy watch DVR is completely wearable, wire free & covert
  • Tiny pinhole camera captures color video footage
  • Snaps clear photos on-the-go
  • Use as a body worn voice recorder
  • Use as a surveillance camera
  • Built-in memory captures hours of footage
  • Record up to two hours of continuous footage on a single charge
  • Waterproof design is ideal for any kind of situation, wet or dry
  • Motion activated recording mode saves memory and battery life
  • With everything built into the watch there is nothing extra to carry or hide
  • Records in 640 x 480 resolution AVI video from a tiny pinhole camera
  • The spy watch DVR uses a 1.3 MP camera to capture JPG photos
  • Built-in microphone records clear audio files
  • Charges from any computer with a USB port or electrical outlet
  • The spy watch DVR comes with 4 Gb of memory
  • All of the footage is marked with a time / date stamp for easily locating specific footage
  • Each battery charge provides for two hours of recording
  • Fully functional watch doesn’t give people any reason to be suspicious
  • Waterproof design stands up to water and harsh weather

What can it be used for?

Audio Recording feature:

  • Personal voice recorder
  • Use it as a Dictaphone
  • Store personal notes and reminders
  • Secretly record meetings or conversations

Video Recording feature:

  • Perfect for private investigators
  • Record video in total stealth
  • No noticeable recording equipement
  • Record meetings or activities of interest
  • Record your interactions with businesses
  • Secret shopper

Photo Capture feature:

  • Use it to take pictures of your holidays
  • Capture those special moments without lugging a camera around
  • Take snaps of vehice registration number and driver in an accident
  • Take a picture of receipts and documents you need to make a copy of
  • Use it like a scanner to store copies of document or information

Other features:

  • It can be used as a flash drive
  • Your files will always be available on your wrist
  • Great hiding place for those really sensitive files
  • Easily connect the Spy Watch to your PC to move files back/forth


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